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So there’s an occasion coming up .. A big one! U have to look ur best .. Ur thinking.. So what do I have .. What do I buy that’s going to hit it out of the ballpark?! U google , browse magazines for ideas ,visit your favourite store(s) and then you walk out perplexed and scatter brained . There are trends that come and go every season and there are TRENDS that never come and go.. Like this season .

International Forecasts says pastels , India likes it bright( ask me , when every mummy gives That look when you pick out a beige or grey outfit!) . When your favourite fashionista sports crop tops and skinny jeans with élan and you know you’ll be tugging at it to cover /hide /camouflage/ vanish your not so confident areas (They do it too:))

So take a deep breath, close that magazine that tells you a new story every month , a new look , a new color Every Month ..because when you read through 5 of “what’s hot this Summer /winter /party season covers” pretty much EVERYTHING IS IN! You can now wear “What Ever You Want Man ( I’m just Being Human) and be in Vogue( not literally :))

It’s great to be abreast with what’s trending and know where fashion is going. But the underline of it all is that You’re going to look great in anything that makes you Feel good .. Ur torn college jeans (they’re back) , a classic LBD (always in) , sportswear ( super trendy now) or the Gold / sheer / cropped /ripped / pastel / neon / graphic / baggy / skinny / high waisted/ cutout / sequinned / bold/ understated / … Sigh ! You get the message.

Now Sit back and promise .. I will never ask what’s In! Because it doesn’t matter… For now…

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